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Workflow phases

QH - Client

I. Introduce your project

Send us an email with all information you got. We want to know about the building or project we should visualize for you. Every project has its own story and we try to tell the story even in the images. After you gave us all the information, we will talk about the extent of your order.

II. Set the extent / amount / materials

We need to know how many images you'd like to have. Do you have an idea of the different perspectives? -> Let us know! Send us sketches, screenshots, examples, pins, links etc. Let us also know about the materials you want to see in your project and tell us if your images need to have a special size format. Otherwise all our visualisations are rendered in a size of 7680x4320 pixels.

III. Send us your files

The exitsing plans are decisive for the price building. The more you give us, the less time we have to take for only preparations. If you give us a 2D-plan, we need to create the 3D model from scratch, if you give us a textureless 3D model without any landscape, we need to build the landscape and create the textures and so on. So make sure to hand over a 3D model with as much detail as you can create.

IV. Payment

After we got your files and made ourselves an overview of the amount of time we have to take into your project, we will send you an invoice. Once you paid, we continue with the first feedback and changes. 

You can pay via the good old bank transfer or way easier using Paypal. You will find all payment information at the bottom of the invoice.

V. First Feedback

We will send screenshots out of our rendering-software with the textures, sun- and shadow-settings and perspectives to you, so you will get one last chance to make changes.

VI. Rendering + Post Production

Once everything is clear, we will start the engines and let them do, what they can do best: render!

The finished renderings are thrown into photoshop for the post production process where a lot of detailing and story telling is happening. When post production is complete, we are ready for feedback number two.

VII. Second Feedback

The second feedback doesn't contain any changes about perspective, sun-settings or the size of the images, which has all been done before in the first feedback. The second feedback deals with changes in the post production, which could be color-settings, additional people or trees, minor texture changes etc., just to name some examples.

VIII. Last Changes

After the second feedback we are getting into photoshop action again and make the last changes to fullfill our clients wishes. Once we are done, the images are finished and ready for deliverement.

IX. Rollout

Congratulations to your new, great visualisations! Publish them, spread them in social media, present them on your plans and please don't forget to tell your colleagues, friends and clients about it and who made them. We will hopefully work together again!

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