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Workflow phases

QH - Client

I. Choose your topic

We are currently trained and officially licensed to teach the following softwares: Graphisoft Archicad, 3D Act Lumion, Adobe Photoshop. Besides that we are offering BIM-lessons, where we are showing our clients how to manage BIM with all its difficulties.

II. Set the boundaries

Tell us how many people you are, how much time you have and when you got the time for the lessons, so we can find a date. Do you like to have an online-webinar or should we do a seminar in your or in our premises?

III. Price Feedbackes

Once we recieve all information, we can give you a price feedback. You can also check our pricelist to estimate the seminar costs. Beware that the price is highly depending on the number of participants and the distance, if you are wishing us to come to your place.

IV. Payment

With the price feedback comes our invoice. You can pay via the good old bank transfer or way easier using paypal. You will find all payment information at the bottom of the invoice.

V. Get smarter!

After all boundaries are set and you paid, you can look forward to the seminar or webinar and get smarter with our help. Don’t forget to tell about all your colleagues, friends, coworkers, clients etc. who made you smarter and we will hopefully see you again in another seminar.

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