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Model Making


Model Making

Workflow phases

QH - Client

I. Introduce your project

Send us an email with all the information you got. We want to know about the building or project we should build for you. Every project has a story and we try to tell the story even in the marquette. After you gave us all the information, we will talk about the extent of your order.

II. Set the extent /scale / materials

We need to know how much of your project you need to see in the model, which scale it should have and which materials should be used. We are printing the buildings with high quality 3D printers. You can choose from a big variety of colours. (download the model options). Landscapes can be made out of different types of cardboard or they can be printed too. All cardboard parts are laser

III. Send us your files

For 3D printing we need a print-ready .stl-file of your project. If you cannot create .stl-files, it will be no problem. Just send us ypur 3D model and we make the changes to build a printable model. If you only have drafting plans, this shouldn’t keep you from getting a marquette. We build the printable model on basis of your drafts.

IV. Feedback

3D printing takes a huge amount of time. There is no “oh, we made a mistake and want to change a little bit” after the printer starts its job. So we need to make sure, that absolutely everything is right before we press the print button. We will take screenshots out of the printing software and share them with you, so you get an overview of the model and also the time and material, that is

V. Payment

After all mistakes are avoided, you will get an invoice from us. Once you paid, the printing, cutting and building process starts immediately. You can pay via the good old bank transfer or way easier using paypal. You will find all payment information at the bottom of the

VI. Printing + Cutting + Building

When the pieces are made, we start assembling all of it together. Appending to materials and size of your project, this will take some time. You also have the option to order the single pieces and stick the pieces together by yourself. We are actually not glueing together cardboard pieces. This will be all up to you. We can only take responsibility for the printed plastic pieces.

VII. Rollout

The packaging is done very carefully and small pieces will be saved in containers or plastic bags. If you order a fully printed model with landscape, we offer to put the model in a wooden case with a fitting cover made out of wood or transparent plastic, so you can showcase the model immediately.

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