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Workflow phases

QH - Client

I. Choose your topic

Send us an email with all the information you got. We want to know about the building or project we should create the BIM-model from. BIM also means diving deep into detail. We are glad about every single piece of information you can give to us.

II. Send us your files

To estimate the amount of time we need to take to create the model, we first need the files. We accept almost every 3D file format, including: .ifc, .pln, .rvt, .3ds, .fbx, .obj, .skp. If you don’t have a 3D model - no problem! We can build the model from scratch using your drafting plans..

III. Extent Feedback

We set together a list of things that has to be made to build the BIM-model. You will recieve this list as sort of control and also as base for the time estimation and price calculation. The list also includes these things and the invoice...

IV. Payment

After the we got your files and made ourselves an overview of the amount of time we have to take into your project, we will send you an invoice. Once you paid, we continue with the modelling. You can pay via the good old bank transfer or way easier using paypal. You will find all payment information at the bottom of the invoice.

V. Building Information Modelling

BIM is all about building a waterproof 3D model with as much information we have putting into the building parts. The grade of information can reach from basic specifications like material and measurement over weight, fire classes and structure up to very specific details as time, costs, executing company etc.

VI. Rollout

Congratulations to your new BIM-model! Publish it, spread it in social media, present it and please don’t forget to tell about all your colleagues, friends, coworkers, clients etc. who made it and we will hopefully work with you together again.

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